5 graphic trends of 2023 for your financial reports

Each new year carries new art trends that brands can take advantage from to bring some freshness to their communication tools. And year 2023 is not an exception! This is why we have selected for you 5 major graphic trends in order to provide inspiration for your regulatory reports.

The Reimagined Risograph

The risograph, or duplicator, is a printing technique born in Japan in the 1940s. Most of the time, it is used to reproduce written documents and is easily distinguable by its vibrant colors and its special frame. Thanks to its retro look, this style can help draw the attention of the readers in your financial reports.

The retro line art

In terms of aesthetic, minimalist designs are undeniably part of the 2020s essentials. In 2023, this graphic trend is renewed through “cartoon” lines that reminds of the graphic style of the first cartoons, initially drawn with felt pen. Companies that have been founded at the beginning of the 20th century can use it in reference to their seniority.


Mixed dimensions

The 2020s is the advent of multiple realities (virtual, augmented, surreal…). Therefore, art trends tend to play with these boundaries. The graphic principle of mixed dimensions perfectly illustrates this mixture between reality and virtuality. Starting from a photograph, an artificial graphic element, such as 3D, is added. In 2023, the concept of mixed dimensions is caracterized with drawing or painting and allows visuals to become even more alive in documents. It should brighten up the pages that need the particular attention of readers in regulatory documents.


Complex compositions

Complex compositions mainly concern illustrations in 2023, although it is possible to decline it in a photographic way. Its principle is to gather several scenes within a single image. This type of visual is ideal for documents in landscape format. Thanks to its linear format, it ensures the continuity of reading by keeping the reader’s eye in perpetual motion.


Abstract gradients

For a few years now, gradients have been significantly represented in visuals that we face in the daily life. Despite their recurring presence each year, they aim at reinventing themselves in 2023, through a more fluid and inconstant aspect: here comes the abstract gradient! In a financial document, it can be useful in the background to accentuate a table or a graph. It can also be considered for a first page coverage.