Pomelo-Paradigm opens to a new typology of partners

The gradual entry into force of the CSRD (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive) from the 2024 financial year includes new features that influence and change the world of regulatory reporting and the models of European companies.

A challenge that is both human and technical

Issuers are facing many changes for the larger ones, and many new developments for the smaller ones. Methodologies, processes, professions, tools, schedules, budgets… Collaboration and sharing of information internally (CSR, finance, HR…) and with external stakeholders (suppliers, customers, partners…) will intensify, in order to allow companies to transform and better account for their social and environmental impacts. On the publishers’ side, the challenge is mainly technical and regulatory. Developing expertise on such a subject requires a rigorous methodology and technical solutions adapted to all stakeholders.

Pomelo-Paradigm expands its partner ecosystem

Pomelo-Paradigm is therefore opening its ecosystem to a new typology of partners experts in sustainability to support companies in all the stages prior to the production of their sustainability reports (gap analysis, double materiality analysis, collection and management of ESG data, CSR strategies, etc.)

Two categories of partners are sought: on the one hand, CSR consultants (CSR consulting firms, impact communication agencies, etc.) and on the other, ESG data management platforms. With the help of these new experts, Pomelo-Paradigm is enriching its ecosystem to support its clients from A to Z in their transition to CSRD compliance.

The selection of candidate partners is established using a predefined certification system corresponding to each category of partner in order to validate their skills and expertise. This guarantees companies a proven approach to the new regulations.

Do you recognize yourself in this area of expertise and in the profile described? Send us your application!

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