Job offer: Junior Project/Customer relations Manager

Become our new Projt / Customer relations Manager!

(M/W) VERSAILLES (78000)

The position

Within the Project / Customer Relations team and in connection with all the company's departments (DTP, Sales, IT), your main missions will be:

- Proactively support our direct customers in producing their documents on our apps,
- Advise our partners (agencies, translators, etc.) so that they can manage their projects independently,
- Lead training and workshops around the use of our solutions (face-to-face or remote),
- Ensure that the deadlines defined at the start of the project are respected, know how to assess when these will not be met and control the deliverables,
- Convey our customers' requests in an intelligible way to the departments concerned and be proactive.

The company

Pomelo-Paradigm is an energetic company located in Versailles. Inventors of the collaborative software Pomdoc Pro and Domus, we are committed to providing innovative solutions to our customers (and future customers), and to supporting them on a daily basis in the creation and production of their regulatory and financial documents. In full expansion in France and in Europe, we are looking for a new member in order to continue to accompany our clients.

Your profile

In order to manage several projects at the same time under good conditions, you are rigorous, organized and concise. Comfortable in both written and spoken French and English, you enjoy communications in all its forms.

The stakes of our clients being high, you are patient, attentive and open to criticism. You see the demanding nature of our clients as an opportunity to find new solutions and improve our processes. You are proactive and do not wait to be sollicited to ensure the smooth running of your projects and the satisfaction of our customers.

You are curious, open-minded and enjoy sharing and acquiring knowledge (new software, new working methods, etc.). Thanks to your sense of observation and your critical eye, you are attentive to detail. Being familiar with document production would be a real plus!

Required Skills

- Impeccable spelling and oral expression,
- English spoken and written (another European language would be a plus),
- Rigor,
- Project monitoring,
- Customer relationship,
- Analytical mind,
- Computer fluency,
- Taste for teamwork.

Useful information

- Premises located in Versailles
- Hours: 9am-6pm
- Restaurant tickets, dining chits, meal tickets
- Transport participation
- Mutual funds paid for by the employer
- Salary: 25 / 29K per year according to profile


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Job offer: Project/Customer Relationship Manager

Become our new Project/Customer Relationship Manager!

(M/F) Versailles, France

Reporting to the Project / Customer Relationship Supervising Manager within a company rapidly expanding in France and in Europe, you will be required to support customers in the preparation of institutional or regulatory documents on the online collaborative software created by the company.

The mission

- Ensure the production of periodic and punctual supports, from the first version to the proof to print
- Manage the customer relationship: planning, control of elements, control of documents before sending
- Ensure customer support (training, then email and telephone support)
- Respect for quality, deadlines and costs
- Participating in demos and commercial presentations

Your profile

You have a curious mind, good interpersonal skills, impeccable spelling and oral fluency. For you, teamwork is essential to the smooth running of a project. You've already had a successful experience as a project manager and are fluent in English.

Your skills

- Technical problem analyser
- Controlling a service with a client
- Determining technical solutions and recommendations and communicating them to clients
- Performing technical monitoring of products and their development with clients
- Train users on a product or equipment
- Project management
- Teaching techniques
- Fluent in English (a third language would be a plus)

Professional skills

- Adaptability
- Rigour


- Fluent in French & English
- A third language would be a plus (Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese...)

Further information

- Qualification: Technician
- Sector of activity: Computer programming
- Start of contract: September 2020
- Job type: Full time, CDI Salary: 25,000.00 € to 30,000.00 € / year


- Restaurant voucher / Basket
- Participation in transport

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