Domus 5.0

DOMUS Version 5 has just landed!
Discover an exciting array of new options to make your editing your documents even easier!

    • Add comments to your documents


  • You can now include comments in your documents and open a discussion with other users – this can then be closed with a click once the question has been dealt with. The comments and responses are integrated in your PDF export and are compatible with the comments function in Acrobat Reader®.
    • Manage formats with 3 or 4 columns


  • You can now create formats comprising 3 or 4 columns, as well as formalize more complex templates and highlight sections or chapters containing essential information. .
    • Define access rights more easily


  • Access rights have been completely rethought around the notion of groups. It’s now even easier to quickly define who can read or edit each section in your document.
    • Visualize your fonts in your browser preview


  • Your company’s fonts will now appear directly in your browser (WOFF technology)


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