ESEF in 2024: what changes?

Since 2021, European companies listed on a regulated market must publish their annual financial report in an electronic format: the European Single Electronic Format (ESEF). After two rather successful exercises, the time has come for updates. Let's discover together those improvements from ESMA and other recommendations that are emerging for the year 2024.

Tag dashes and blank boxes in financial statement tables

For better readability and greater comparability between companies, it is strongly recommended to tag all the boxes in the financial statement tables, even if no data is entered (especially in the table of changes in equity). A zero result is better than no result.

Anticipate future taxonomies

If the issuer needs to tag data and the concept does not exist in the IFRS taxonomy of the document, but is expected to appear in the next taxonomy, it is strongly recommended to create an extension by taking the wording, attributes and format of the future concept.

SVG image format is now accepted in the report

This new feature is effective provided that the tag present in the source code is of type <img> and not <svg>. The JPG image format is no longer supported (but JPEG is still accepted).

The tables in the report must be readable

And this has to be clear via the reader when reading the code. With normal eyes, it must be possible to see the rows and columns, as well as the data (no concatenation of numbers).

Updates for calculation…

Although a new calculation specification has been defined (Calculation 2.0), ESMA indicates that the formal specification will be Calculation 1.1 which is more relevant to calculations in reports

..And for the capital variation tables

The calculations of the columns of the capital variation table must be clearly defined following a hierarchy at the dimension level: a member is called “father” if it is the sum of the “child” members at the calculation level. The presentation of the “son” members is done on the same level.


  • “father” member
  • – “son” member 1
  • – “son” member 2
  • other “father” member

Block tagging update

Transition from the IFRS 2021 taxonomy to IFRS 2022 and IAS 1 amendment on accounting policies: 3 main changes. Disappearance of the parent tag “DisclosureOfNotesExplanatory” and disappearance of the accounting tags “DisclosureOfSummaryOfSignificantAccountingPoliciesExplanatory” (replaced by “DisclosureOfMaterialsAccountingPolicyInformation”) and “DescriptionOfOtherAccountingPoliciesRelevantToUnderstandingOfFinancialStatements”

In conclusion

All the points mentioned are therefore major developments supported by ESMA. As for recommendations, note that it will be possible to submit your RFS (Half-Year Financial Report) in ESEF format on a voluntary basis. Even if this is not yet mandatory, it is entirely possible that it will become mandatory within a few years. Anticipating the transition is therefore advisable. A question, a recommendation? Do not hesitate to contact us ! Our compliance experts will be happy to assist you.