First results of our CSR assessments

Environmental and social concerns have never been so important in our daily lives: reducing the impact of our consumption models is now a major social issue, and companies have a central role to play in building a more sustainable world for the planet and its inhabitants. Social aspect at work have always been a priority at Pomelo-Paradigm, and this is why we have a strong will to apply it to our environmental commitment as well. Moreover, the Paris agreements remind us of the importance of companies' role in limiting global warming. We want to contribute to a better life!

Promising assessments

We are proud to have been certified Silver by Greenly.

Their methodology works with scores range from 5 to 100 and are based on criterias and actions to be implemented.

Our gas emissions footprint, mainly linked to travels and digital technology, amounted to around 50 tonnes of CO2 in 2022, which is relatively low compared to our sector of activity.

At the same time, we have also obtained Bronze certification from EcoVadis, placing us among the 35% of the most responsible companies assessed by this platform.

We have identified our improvement areas, such as responsible purchases. By taking all these elements into account, we will progress towards our objectives, by involving our suppliers in our continuous improvement process.

We are aiming at an even higher score for 2025. This means taking commitments, such as training our teams and investing in carbon sequestration projects.

Investing in Projects to Offset our Incompressible Emissions

To help us choose the projects that best suit our values and objectives, we have called on our teams to take part in the selection process. Each member of our company was given the opportunity to vote for the project they felt was the most relevant and effective. Once the votes were in, we were able to distribute the total amount invested according to the preferences expressed.

Our current CSR approach

Pomelo-Paradigm encourages its team and partners to adopt environmentally responsible behaviour on a daily basis, including in their use of digital technology. We install equipment to reduce our waste and emissions, such as recycling, the use of washable dish and bean-to-cup coffee makers.

Other initiatives include offering training, putting up posters, introducing limits on the printing of documents, holding a number of remote meetings, etc.

In 2023, we took an important step forward in our CSR approach and our climate strategy by carrying out our first GHD evaluation and obtaining Ecovadis certification. These first assessments were encouraging, as they enabled us to identify what is going well and what needs to be improved.

Our objectives: Gold at Greenly and Silver at EcoVadis

The promising results of our first GHD emissions assessment have enabled us to measure our impact and establish a number of environmental actions on our own scale.

Our first eco-responsible actions is the start of our adventure. Our aim now is to upgrade from Silver to Gold certification at Greenly by stepping up our efforts to reduce emissions and raise awareness. Team training will be a key element in this transition, as will our commitment. At EcoVadis, our goal is to become Silver status. To achieve this, we will need to involve our service providers in our eco-responsible adventure 🙂

Our feedback

This first step in our CSR approach and climate strategy enabled us to gain knowledge and to have a first overview. We have realised the importance of creating an assessment to identify our strengths and improvement areas. This has given us a better understanding of the issues related to our activity and enabled us to identify key points to help us reduce our impact on the environment.

The assessment has also strengthened our team’s commitment to manage our activities and resources more responsibly. It has enabled us to define clear and measurable objectives for the coming years, while committing us to a process of improvement.