Pomelo-Paradigm’s 2023 key figures

22% new customers

Our customers’ satisfaction is key, and it’s also thanks to this that more and more issuers have chosen Pomdoc Pro in 2023 for their financial publications and sustainability reports.

33% additional workforce

To support our growth, we have expanded our teams, created new services and acquired new offices.

19% Turnover growth

For 10 years, our turnover has increased year after year. Our founders explain:

Since the beginning of Pomelo-Paradigm, our desire has been to gather all the contributors of a financial report in a single document to facilitate its production, while guaranteeing its regulatory compliance. 2023 was a year of intense work with numerous developments regarding new regulations such as with the CSRD, keeping the same idea in mind: simplicity for our customers and partners. 2024 will also bring new features, including the new Disclosure Management module which will increase the capabilities of Pomdoc Pro.” Antoine Fournier, President of Pomelo-Paradigm.

Pomelo-Paradigm has a strong desire to establish itself in foreign markets. Each country faces an intensification of regulations and a wave of new developments, as with the CSRD. Pomdoc Pro already has several customers in Europe and is meeting high demand in the markets we are entering, such as England, Belgium and Italy.” Jérémie Laudet, Managing Director of Pomelo-Paradigm.

Customers and partners, thank you for your trust and support over the past 10 years. See you in 2025 to discover new key figures!