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Document management

Manage your documents with a unique solution

Pomdoc Pro helps you generate a large number of documents that can be instantly charted and modified online, all in a secure environment. The application integrates your graphic charter, pilots your translation versions, manages your taxonomies, authorizes access to contributors in real time and provides you with a real monitoring tool.


Monitor and track changes

Bring all participants together around your document, wherever they are, to take part in the process at any time without tying up the others.


Stay in control until the last minute

Pomdoc Pro is a document editor with DTP graphic features and an XBRL engine that allows to work within the final document without changing the tool and visualize or control immediately the document on all its sides (graphic, regulatory, technical, …)


Get the document in the right format immediately

Pomdoc Pro allows you to manage the edition of your documents in a secured platform and to export them at any time of the production cycle while keeping your history under all the required formats (PDF, HTML, XHTML, iXBRL, …)


Publish your translated documents simultaneously

With Pomdoc Pro you will translate your reports all along the production process of the original version, by section or by document. Thanks to the Xlif format, you automate the layout and save the cost of editing the translated version. You can monitor the progress of the translation in real time.