image produit

Work in a single version that can be exported in all formats

Thanks to Pomdoc Pro, you will still find the document’s design whether you export it in PDF or in XHTML. The DTP engine automatically matches the document’s layout and its architecture in PDF as well as in other formats.

Graphic charter

Integrate your graphic charter and create your own style sheets

It’s a breeze to design Annual Reports with Pomdoc Pro. This genuine DTP tool is easy to use and allows you to apply the most complex page layouts (double or triple columns, text display in the feed or page by page, title reminder/sub-title, folio odd/even…)

Collaborative platform

Stay flexible and participate at any time during the production period

Thanks to Pomdoc Pro, a flexible platform integrating design, offer your services by allowing each business expert to bring his skills to your customers.

Automatable styles

Instantly change the applied style to adapt even faster to your consumers needs

Thanks to the powerful features of Pomdoc Pro, you can make sure that the layout is perfect. The expert tools allow you to adjust the volume of text to the right size. In addition, the modification tracker allows you to focus on the new texts that need to be adjusted


Treat yourself with a tailor-made service

Our team of experts is by your side to train you and support you in your first steps. Thanks to our experience with agencies, we will make you immediately enjoy the advantages of Pomdoc Pro. We will be more than partners, we will help you grow your network and your business.