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Style and design your document using Pomdoc Pro

Targeted skills:

  • Manage an environment and a document
  • Designing and structuring a document
  • Design, create templates and styles from a graphic charter

Discover Pomdoc Pro's fundamental tools

Targeted skills:

  • Getting access to the production document and exporting it
  • Handle a collaborative tools
  • Integrate, edit and style your content
  • Monitor the evolution of the document

Manage and supervise your Pomdoc Pro environment

Targeted skills:

  • Set up and monitor a library
  • Create and compare document versions
  • Manage users and access rights
Dynamic data

Control the dynamic data of your document using Pomdoc Pro

Targeted skills:

  • Import external files (Excel, Word)
  • Create, edit and manage data (tables, graphs, variables)
  • Set up a glossary and links

Create and manage your taxonomy using Pomdoc Pro

Targeted skills :

  • Create, edit and export a taxonomy
  • Tag data
  • Build extensions

English-speaking support staff and a platform available in English

We work with companies and business experts of various nationalities (graphic designers, translators, consultants…). Our teams are therefore fully qualified to interact in French as well as in English with your non-French speakers.