Change management: for a successful adoption of new processes

Most issuers have just completed their annual report and among them, some are already learning lessons from the 2022 edition. Some companies are already planning for 2024 and are considering modifying their future process. New operation, new employees, new tool, new service provider, digitalization... Whatever solution is chosen, it must come with a Change Management strategy. Because resistance to change is a natural reaction, it must be anticipated to guarantee the success of a transition. In this article, you will find some keys to successfully change your production process.

What is Change Management?

The so called change management is used for methods and processes undertaken to serve a transformation within a company. Departments very often rely on this methodology to operate a major change, such as the implementation of a new reporting tool or the arrival of a new service provider (mapper, taxonomist, design agency, etc.) .

Make an inventory

Like a house that would need a makeover, be sure to analyze every aspect of your annual report project. Make an inventory of the steps and processes that can be improved, and rely on key indicators such as the time spent and the number of contributors mobilized for the creation of the green taxonomy, for example. Carrying out the inventory will enable to establish a climate of change and thus prepare the people directly impacted.

Set a heading

Once your assessment has been completed, your objectives will naturally pop: cost reduction, optimization of the document creation process, format or software change, recruitment… Once the objectives have been defined, set a clear planning with milestones. But the speed of a new software or provider’s adoption depends on several parameters: it is complicated to deliver a precise timing in both cases. However, keep in mind that, as resistance to change is perfectly common and natural, it will be your first obstacle. To overcome this, set realistic objectives for a better acceptance of the transformation. Do not hesitate to share with the team to adjust your plans according to their feedback.

Engage employees

Communication and sharing will be the best ingredients in your change management strategy. Each of the stages cannot succeed without it and the involvement of your teams. As such, survey contributors regarding their preferences and apprehensions. Your transformation will therefore be based on clear and appropriate communication: meeting, email, follow-up in a project management tool… You can also define a Change Management officer? In any case, choose a solution that reflects contributors’ mindset to better prepare and involve them in future organizational changes.

In conclusion

A transformation carried out under the sign of Change Management enables to embark all the contributors towards an involving project. Needless to say that the arrival of a new service provider or a new solution must be subject to a budget study. At Pomelo-Paradigm, we provide support for your transition to Pomdoc Pro with ease through training and adapted support as well as fast and efficient onboarding!